One Group of Older Voters Sees No Clear Winner in Clinton-Obama Ohio Debate

About two dozen people watched the Ohio Democratic debate at an AARP-sponsored event in Columbus.

Many were volunteers with the non-partisan group which is calling on candidates to address two issues in particular – health care and financial security. WOSU’s Christina Morgan reports

After the 90-minute discussion, five of the spectators told WOSU the debate had not changed their minds. Connie Wright of Columbus remained undecided, saying she likes both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and would like to see them on the same ticket.

Michael Wright favors Barack Obama, but is not opposed to Hillary Clinton. Wright says he can’t wait until President George Bush is out of the White House.

Wearing a Barack the Vote button, Ora White said she’s talked with a number of African Americans who say Clinton and Obama are the same. She disagrees, saying Obama knows what it is like to work his way up from the bottom.

Upper Arlington resident Earl Goldhammer said he was impressed by both of the Democratic candidates, but says he wanted to hear more about the economy.