Former OSU Chimps Lose Lawsuit

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is considering appealing a Texas court decision that seven former Ohio State University primates do not have the legal right to sue. PETA tried to get legal standing for the primates, saying the conditions of their sanctuary was substandard.

Sally Boysen, a professor of psychology at Ohio State, spent more than two decades investigating how a colony of nine chimps at the University learn and communicate. Nearly two years after the animals were relocated to Primarily Primates in San Antonio, she is still fighting to get them back. She said the lawsuit filed by PETA is a reminder of the injustice that was done when they were taken away.

“It is a tremendous loss that we are not continuing the work now and I will never stop trying to bring them back under my care,” Boysen said.

Two of the chimps died within a month of arriving at Primarily Primates. After PETA filed suit, the animals were moved to Chimp Haven in Louisianna. But two weeks ago a third chimp died while under Chimp Haven’s care. Boysen said she is concerned for the well-being of the remaining animals and is frustrated with the current situation.

“It is a pretty easy equation in terms of what should be done now. I had them for almost 24 years and we lost one animal due to natural causes to type two diabtetes. Other people have had them for two years and one third of my animals, my life’s work, are now dead. So I would like to be in a position where I have some direct input on their day to day care and that’s not possible where they are now,” the professor said.

The animals are still being held at Chimp Haven but Primarily Primates is suing to have them returned.