Steel supplier brings jobs to Southern Ohio

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New Boston village administrator Michael Sturgill says docking facilities and state incentives helped Infra-Metals choose New Boston over other potential sites in Kentucky and West Virginia. The state incentives came with the guarantee that Infra-Metals would stay on the site for 16 years.

The new plant will provide 65 jobs at about $40,000 a year. Sturgill says since the New Boston Coke plant closed in 2003, the area has been looking for an economic boost.

“These jobs are paying liveable wages where people can go out and actually buy other things and do things with their money,” he said. “It seems like jobs that’s been coming into our area for some time are just basically minimum wage jobs. So these jobs mean a lot to New Boston and they mean a lot to Scioto County.”

He says the $15 million project could lead to more jobs for the area.

“Hopefully, if their projections hold true and the economy stays the way it is, and their sales are ok and everything, within a few years they would like to double the size of the plant and take the employment up to 125,” he said.

Sturgill says company officials hope to begin construction by April.