Lobby group questions fuel standard legislation

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Earlier this summer, the U.S. senate passed a measure boosting fuel standards for cars and trucks. Each manufacturer, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda and others would have to build fleets that get better average miles per gallon.

The lobby group SUV Owners of America fears that if the senate bill is enacted large sport utility vehicles and some pick up trucks will be jeopardized since they’re unable to meet the higher fuel standards.

Spokesman Barry McCahill said his group wants congress to allow different fuel standards for SUV’s and pick up trucks than for passenger cars.

“The reality is if you want pickup trucks that can tow a boat or an SUV that can tow a boat to the lake on the weekend or take a camper camping you have to have workability and that’s why cars and pickups and SUVs are different vehicles,” he said.

In newspaper ads, McCahill’s group urges drivers to lobby members of the House of Representatives for separate fuel standards for cars and light trucks. 12th district Congressman Pat Tiberi said as the house considers several proposals the stakes are high for both SUV drivers and the companies that make them.

“You could argue that Chrysler would have to stop producing some of their truck vehicles and one of those lines could end up being the Jeep line which has been a successful line. And more importantly from an economic development tool, is once you lose those jobs, those good-paying jobs are gone,” he said.

Tiberi says the House will take up the legislation later this month.