Former Attorney General Petro considers Congress

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Now that Congresswoman Deborah Pryce has announced her intent to retire, the Ohio Republican Party will soon be seeking a candidate to run in 2008.

Before Congresswoman Deborah Pryce formally announced her retirement there was speculation that Former Attorney General Jim Petro would run in her place in 2008. While Petro has not said he will run, he did say he’s been asked to consider it.

“I’ve been honored to have been asked by John Boehner and by community and political leaders to consider running. And all I’m doing at this point is considering – talking with my family. And I assume over the next week to ten days I’ll continue that consideration and then ultimately make the decision to run or not to run,” Petro said.

Ohio Senator Steve Stivers was also considered a contender for the 2008 15th district congressional race. But Stivers said he does not plan to run for Congress.

“I think I can make the most difference for the people of Ohio as a state senator where I’m not a freshman and I know the routine and I’m getting more seniority and I can just get more done here,” Stivers said.

Pryce will retire after her 8th term in Congress. She said family concerns weighed the most in her decision.