Ohio Campuses Review Security In Wake of VT Massacre


The deadly shooting rampage at Virginia Tech has Ohio State and other universities around Ohio taking a fresh look at security and emergency planning. Ohio State University Coordinator of Emergency and Disaster planning, Robert Armstrong says any college campus is at risk and he urges students, faculty, and staff to keep their eyes and ears open. He tells WOSU News: “The best we can do is prepare for it, be prepared to respond to it. Ask that anyone on campus, students, faculty, staff, visitors, to keep their eyes open, keep their ears open. Generally somebody, when something like this happens, they tell someone.”

Armstrong says the Columbus campus has 400 buildings and 45 to 50 police officers. He says plans are in place to respond to a disaster or critical incident.

Armstrong adds that O-S-U works closely with Columbus police when needed. Other Ohio universities are also reviewing disaster plans. University of Toledo police chief Jeff Newton says it’s something schools nationwide will be doing after the attacks yesterday that left 33 people dead. Newton expresses confidence his department would know how to respond, but he says policies are constantly being reviewed. Rick Amweg, assistant Chief of Ohio State University Police says it would be nearly impossible to prevent something like the shootings at Virginia Tech. But he tells WOSU Open Line Host Fred Andrle, it is possible to try to mitigate the effects.