In wake of shootings, Brown, Voinovich differ on gun control

Both of Ohio’s Senators think there’s too much firepower on street. But so far, the Democratically-controlled Congress isn’t moving to craft gun legislation in the wake of Monday’s shootings at Virginia Tech.

Many Democratic lawmakers are singing a familiar refrain about assault weapons. Brown said, “They’re not made for hunting. They’re made to kill people.”

“I’ve supported through my entire career in Congress the assault weapons ban. There’s simply no reason people need to hold those kinds of guns,” Brown continued.

Like Brown, Republican Ohio Senator George Voinovich is concerned about the calibre of weapons available. But Ohio’s Senior Senator says his experience as Cleveland’s mayor makes him skeptical tougher laws would make a difference.

“The guy was a pyschiatric case. And he probably would have been able to get whatever he had anyhow,” Voinovich said. Voinovich says he favors enhanced firearms training for those who legally purchase guns.