Delaware County Sheriff Faces 2 Misdemeanor Charges

Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost has charged Sheriff Al Myers two, first-degree misdemeanor charges.

Delaware county prosecutor Dave Yost has filed a charge of improper compensation and conflict of interest against Sheriff Al Myers.

Yost alleges Myers used his authority to influence the sheriff’s office to purchase four motor vehicles, and a member of the Sheriff’s family received a commission on those purchases.

Regarding the charge of improper compensation against the 15-year Sheriff, Yost alleges Myers received payment from the Delaware County Agricultural Society for preseving “the public peace” which is his job. According to Yost, unlike an off-duty police officer working special duty at a bar or apartment complex, the sheriff is in a supervisory roll and on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Myers has been with the Sheriff’s office for more than 25 years. He announced last week that he would resign from the job he’s held for 15 years effective May 31st. He is due in court Wednesday.