Columbus Police Begin Round-up of Truants.

Columbus Police today will begin using two-officer teams to find students who skip class. Its part of a two-month effort to reduce truancy in the district. Police say the crackdown on truancy is aimed at getting students back in class.

Sargeant Fay Gordon says his officers will work with the Y-M-C-A and the schools to identify truants. But, he’s uncertain of the magnitude of the problem. “In the past we have conducted these truancy sweeps and we have picked up, on any given day, upwards of a dozen kids before and even more. They’re out there. I cannot give you what the figures might be through-out the city but they are out there on the street.” Says Sargeant Gordon.

The anti-truancy effort will continue through May. Students who are home-schooled or who attend class during odd hours are encouraged to carry a school I-D and documentation.