Pryce Opposes House Iraq Resolution

Rep. Deborah Pryce (R)
Rep. Deborah Pryce (R)

Days of debate on a resolution expressing concern over Iraq continues in the U.S. House. Republican leaders are getting their points across even if they don’t have the power to stop the measure.

As a member of Republican leadership in the House, Ohio’s Deborah Pryce has been in the thick of debate over a ten-line resolution that expresses disapproval of President Bush’s troop increase in Iraq:

Reinforcements are on their way, even as we speak.

Included in her floor statement was the GOP theme that trying to halt the surge amounted to Democrats wanting to stay the course. Pryce challenged them to go beyond what she called a pointless resolution:

Then use the tools and the power available to you to stop the course: the power of the purse to de-fund the effort, Pryce said.

Democrats have hinted they will use that power to influence what’s happening in Iraq, while insisting they are foursquare behind the troops.

This resolution says, Your cause is lost. This impatient Congress says thanks, but we’ve had our fill,” Pryce scoffed.

A vote on the resolution is set for Friday.