Central Ohio copes with, enjoys winter storm

The winter storm that started Tuesday morning promised to get worse. But commuters, workers and children found ways to cope and even enjoy the winter weather.

Snow plows at the airport Tuesday morning seemed to be having an easy time keeping the runways open. Around 11 a.m. it was business as usual. But shovel wielding parking garage attendants say they could not keep up.

“Yeah, it’s hard,” said a worker. “All day in the morning we shovel and it’s coming again.”

A lot of people in Columbus spent part of their day shoveling snow. Jeff Sieracki was clearing the sidewalk in front of his house in Italian Village and in front of his neighbors, too, though he was pacing himself.

“This is what you call heart attack snow because it weighs a lot more,” Sieracki. “This is heavy snow so its short little shovels for the most part.”

For the people whose work was done, who took the day off or got the day off from work, some headed to Antrim Park like the Wentz family. They took to the slopes in spite of the freezing rain that had started falling in the afternoon. And they brought Gannon Wentz who’s not quite 3.

“We’re going to go sledding.”

“This is his first time yep.”

Local wreckers were pulling people out of ditches all day long, though Justin Hall of Worthington Towing says he’s surprised the company had not gotten more calls. But as the weather worsens, he says he expects business will be picking up.

“Last week we were really, really slammed,” Hall said. “We’ll probably get slammed later on tonight. But as far as business today, I think mostly people decided to stay at home because of the roads’ being bad. With them being bad and because of how bad the weather’s going to get.”

Sleet and freezing rain, an accumulation of ice and 4 to 8 inches of snow are forecast for Tuesday night.