Ohio Members of Congress Offer Mixed Reviews of President’s Address

For the first time since President Bush took office, he delivered his State of the Union address to a Democratic Congress. Ohio lawmakers were there- and had mixed reactions to the President’s proposals.

Central Ohio Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi came away from the speech even more skeptical of the Bush Administration’s plan for Iraq. “I’d like to see him talk about more diplomacy efforts with our allies in the region and get our other allies in the Arab countries to be more supportive.” Says Tiberi

Ohio lawmakers are most supportive of the President’s call for greater use and development of alternative energy. Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown believes the state could become the Silicon Valley of alternative energy. “We have a great opportunity in Ohio because we have a great history of entrepreneurship and we have terrific manufacturing skilled work force and we have a lot of agriculture. Ethanol, solar power, wind power, fuel cells. All that we can do in our state to help us provide jobs and stabilize energy prices.” Said Brown.

Based on lawmakers reactions following the President’s speech energy and immigration is where the President will work best with a Democratic Congress.