Former department of parks director pleads guitly to theft, tampering

In Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Wayne Roberts and Krystal Griffin admitted that for more than four years Griffin was paid as a part-time employee, but did not perform any work for the department. Griffin is the sister of former Ohio State football player and Recreation and Parks board member Archie Griffin.

Roberts also admitted to taking Krystal Griffin on two taxpayer-funded trips. Both have waived their right to a trial and asked to proceed directly to sentencing. Attorney Sam Shamansky represents Griffin, and Phillip Templeton represents Roberts.

“On behalf of Krystal Griffin, she understands she does have the right to have this matter submitted to a grand jury,” Shamansky says. “She waives that right, asks the court to accept her waiver, and allow this matter to proceed by way of bill of information.”

Both have been charged with tampering with records for allegedly falsifying time sheets. Griffin is also charged with theft in office, while Roberts is charged with complicity to commit theft. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Blake says the two theft charges are essentially the same.

“In the eyes of the law there is no difference,” Blake says. “It’s theft. (It carries the) same penalty, same time. The judge will treat them exactly the same.”

Judge Michael Holbrook ordered the pair to pay more than $80,000 dollars to cover wages and benefits received by Griffin, as well as the cost of the police investigation. Sentencing for both is scheduled for January 29. Each faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and $20,000 dollars in fines.