School Officials Get Safety Lesson In Columbus

As a response to recent incidents of school violence Ohio lawmakers now require school districts to develop and fine-tune safety measures for the classroom. The legislation aims to prevent school shootings and other violence against students or staff. But representatives from 200 school districts got an eye-opening demonstration courtesy of a safety consultant.

To say author and consultant Michael Dorn was carrying a concealed weapon would be a gross understatement. During a break in a day-long school safety seminar. Dorn stood at a dais and pulled multiple weapons from beneath his loose shirt and buckled trousers. A replica of an assault rifle, pistols shotguns and knives.

Dorn uses the stunt to show how easily weapons can be concealed. Corporal Joe Middendorf represents the Ohio School Resource Officers. He saw Dorn’s demonstration at an earlier conference but he called it shocking.

Middendorf says video surveillance alone would sometimes fail to detect hidden weapons. But, school police officers and administrators are now being trained for tell-tale signs.

Middendorf says the new Ohio school safety law requires each school to do a lock-down drill in addition to fire and tornado drills.