House Leader John Boehner (R-OH) comments on his testimony before House Ethics Committee

N/A(Photo: AP Photo)
N/A(Photo: AP Photo)

House Majority Leader John Boehner of Southwest Ohio testified Thursday before the house ethics committee. The panel’s probing what the leader and other lawmakers knew about the inappropriate e-mails former Congressman Mark Foley sent to Congressional pages. Chad Pergram reports from Capitol Hill.

Boehner met behind closed doors with members of the ethics committee for about an hour and without legal counsel. The Congressman said he was happy and glad to tell the panel what he knew about Foley’s electronic messages. I’ve made clear on the record, Boehner said, what I knew, when I knew it, what I said. And I told the committee the same thing I’ve said to the record for many of you.

Boehner said he learned about inappropriate messages between Foley and the page in the spring from the teenager’s sponsor, Republican Lousiana Congressman Rodney Alexander, and he thought the speaker of the house had taken care of the situation.

Boehner tried to downplay concerns the Foley scandal is tarnishing Republicans in a tough election cycle.

It does not appear to be affecting any of our races in anyway, Boehner said.

When pressed further about the impact of the scandal, Boehner tried to set it aside.

I think it’s time that we begin to talk about the real issues the American people care about, Boehner said.

GOP Columbus Representative Deborah Pryce wishes that would be the case. Pryce’s opponent, Democratic Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy’s, tried to use the Foley scandal as an issue against the Congresswoman this fall.

Chad Pergram, WOSU News, Capitol Hill