Pryce says her campaign for re-election is flagging.


Ohio Representative Deborah Pryce says the Mark Foley-Congressional page scandal is hurting her re-election campaign. Pryce, who represents Ohio’s Fifteenth COngressional District, told the New York Times that since Foley resigned from the House her internal polls show a steady drop in support from voters.

The Republican is facing a strong challenge from Democratic Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy. Foley was instrumental in Pryce’s campaign for a leadership spot in congress.

She has represented the fifteenth district for the past fourteen years years.

Kilroy and Pryce face off in a debate tonight at seven o’clock in the FFawcett Center Auditorium. WOSU 820, and WOSU-TV will air the debate, moderated by WOSU News Director Mike Thompson, live at seven P. M. It will also be available on our website at WOSU dot org.