Pryce Angry About New Radio Campaign Ads

GOP Congresswoman Deborah Pryce is angry about a radio ads produced by her opponent’s campaign. Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy has bought time on Christian and conservative radio stations criticizing Pryce and republicans for their handling of the House page scandal.

This is part of the ad that has Congresswoman Deborah Pryce upset.

“Deborah Pryce’s friend, Mark Foley, is caught using his position to take advantage of 16-year-old pages. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert looked the other way when he was warned about Foley’s predatory behavior. Deborah Pryce is one of the top republicans in Congress. No wonder Pryce refused to criticize Hastert for ignoring the Foley problem. No wonder she won’t call for Hastert to resign.”

Visibly upset, Deborah Pryce called Mary Jo Kilroy’s new radio campaign ads mean-spirited and irresponsible.

“Mary Jo Kilroy has conducted a campaign completely devoid of issues. And if she thinks she can gay bait her way into Congress through these mean-spirited, hypocritical, cynical and slanderous tactics, she is wrong. She is a hypocrite,” Pryce said.

Pryce said that national democrats are politicizing former congressman Mark Foley’s resignation. Foley stepped down after admitting to sending sexually explicit messages to former teenage House pages. The republican leadership has been criticized for the way they handled the matter.

Kilroy said she stands by her new ad, and says that Foley’s sexual orientation is irrelevant.

“This is not about him being gay. This is about him using his position to take advantage of teenagers who are in the employ of a member of Congress. It’s about an abuse of power. It about other leaders covering up for a member of their party. That’s what the issue is about here,” Kilroy said.

Kilroy spent $5,000 on the new radio ad. A Kilroy spokesperson said the campaign chose Christian and conservative radio stations because their listeners are concerned about values.