JetBlue Begins Flights From Columbus Tuesday

Port Columbus’ newest airline will be open for service Tuesday. JetBlue promotes low-fares with first class service. And some think the new airline will force others to lower their prices.

Columbus fliers now have another airline from which to choose when flying to New York and Boston. The first JetBlue flight is expected to land at Port Columbus around 10 a.m. from JFK International Airport.

But JetBlue is not the only so-called low-fare airline at Port Columbus. Southwest is considered to have cheap flights and Columbus’ Skybus is expected to begin operations in the spring. But JetBlue’s vice president of corporate communications, Todd Burke, said JetBlue is prepared to compete.

“In our little over six years of existence we certainly are accustomed to competition, and we have $39 fare right now between Columbus and JFK to entice folks to come and check us out,” Burke said.

Right now JetBlue is offering four daily non-stop flights to JFK International Airport in New York with plans to offer a non-stop flight to Boston later this month.

Rob Elking, president of Grandview Travel, said JetBlue has already made a positive effect on Port Columbus with some airlines already lowering their fares.

“It’s going to mean better fares and better service for passengers flying out of Port Columbus. It’s needed. No question. Especially with the destination that they’re flying to on a non-stop basis. Like New York Kennedy and Boston Logan. Those markets have been very expensive for many years,” Elking said.

Also, Elking said with JetBlue at Port Columbus, there will be additional during the holiday seasons which could mean lower ticket prices.