WOSU News Archives For: August 28, 2006

New Public High School Opens To First Freshman Class

28, 2006

About 100 public school students started their first day of classes a day or so earlier than everyone else. The brand new Metro High School welcomed its first freshman class Monday. The new school focuses on science, math, technology and engineering.

New GPS System May Help Predict Ohio Earthquakes

Tombstones spun on their bases during the 1937 earthquakes that struck Anna, Ohio
August 28, 2006

A new, highly sophisticated global positioning “monument” was installed this month on the grounds of the Ohio Earthquake Information Center north of Columbus. The instrument – the only one of its kind in the state – will detect minute movement in subsurface rock, helping scientists better understand the shifting of the North American landmass. It may also help them predict earthquakes in Ohio.