WOSU News Archives For: July 14, 2006

SE Ohio Pottery: Decline and Future

Student intern Shavon Martin is "throwing" on a potter's wheel at the National Ceramic Museum and Heritage Center.
July 14, 2006

Thousands of buyers, sellers and fans of pottery are in Zanesville for Pottery Week activities. The city known for the Y bridge used to be known as the Pottery Capital of the World.

“Blue Jacket” drama responds to research questions

14, 2006

Outdoor Theatre is a traditional summer activity for Ohioans and for visitors to Ohio. Tecumseh in Chillicothe, Trumpet in the Land in New Philadelphia and Blue Jacket in Xenia. But, research at Wright State University on the genology of the Shawnee Chief challenges the historical truth of the script’s content. W-O-S-U’s Elizabeth Brown reports on how the show “Blue Jacket” is handling the challenge.