Congresswoman Deborah Pryce Kicks Off Campaign

About 500 Deborah Pryce supporters showed up for the $50-a-plate luncheon. Among those present was Franklin County GOP Executive Committee Chairman, Doug Preisse, who says the Republicans are playing defense in this year’s mid-term races. And Congresswomen Pryce admits this will be the toughest Congressional race since she went to the U.S. House in 1993.

“This will be the toughest I face because, because this is a candidate that was recruited by, inside the beltway, Washington, D.C.,” Pryce said.

But at least one obstacle Pryce might have to deal with is the public outcry over recent Congressional scandals. Pryce said she has no tie to them, but according to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee she’s voted with indicted former House Majority Leader Tom Delay nearly 95 percent of the time. And she was a member of his leadership team. Her opponent, Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy, said Pryce also received money from DeLay and thinks there is a link.

“It’s her responsibility to provide answers to these ethical questions instead of working to weaken ethics rules,” Kilroy said.

But Pryce said Kilroy’s going to have a difficult case to make.

“There’s no examples, there’s no concrete evidence at all of that. That’s just a very sinister, partisan, cheap shot, and I’m expecting more of the same. But there’s no linkage,” Pryce said.

But Kilroy said she’s determined to fight for the congressional seat. She said the mid-term election is an opportunity to change the priorities in the House to reflect those of Central Ohio voters.

“I think she’s correct that it’s going to be a difficult race for her, and I anticipate a very successful challenge because I think that she doesn’t represent the values of the people of central Ohio,” Kilroy said.

Pryce said Kilroy will be well funded, but said she’s up to the challenge.

“It’s certainly a situation that I face gladly because it’s a race, it’s what politics is all about and I’m certain to be victorious in November because of my record to the Fifteenth District,” Pryce said.

The Fifteenth congressional district consists of Western and Southern Franklin County and all of Madison and Union Counties.