Opponents of Intelligent Design to speak before Board of Education

OSU professors Jeffrey McKee and Steve Rissing will speak before the Ohio Board of Education today as part of an effort to ban Intelligent Design from sciences curriculums in Ohio . Both men are members of Ohio Citizens for Science, a lobbying group that is pushing school officials to exclude what they see as an unscientific theory. McKee, a doctor of anthropology, is also upset that Brian Hicks, a member of the OSU Board of Trustees, at one time lobbied the Board of Education for the current curriculum.

“We’d like to think that all of our Board of Trustees members at Ohio State University are pro-science, and what he actually did was an anti-science lobbying of the same board that we are talking to now: the Board of Education.”

But backers of Intelligent Design say they just want a chance to be heard. Roddy Bullock of the Intelligent Design Network says proponents of evolution are just trying to silence an opposing theory.

“Their criticism of Intelligent Design as it not being a scientific theory, is constantly made by those that would seek to surpress any opposition to the naturalistic theory of evolution.”

McKee admits his group has pushed their campaign in the wake of the Dover, Pennsylvania case, in which a federal court prohibited mentions of intelligent design in public school biology classes.