Lawyers try to keep Frankie Coleman out of jail

Frankie Coleman’s attorney Mark Serrott filed a legal brief that challenges the Bexley police officer’s certification to give Breathalyzer tests. The wife of Columbus’ mayor was charged with drunken driving on October 20th after she hit a parked pickup truck in Bexley. A Columbus attorney who’s a former police officer says Coleman’s lawyers are obligated to provide a thorough defense. Stephen Ames – who is not connected to the case – says that includes determining if the breathalyzer machine was properly calibrated and if the arresting officer was properly trained.

“Why should not Mr. Serrott or any other DUI attorney not question these machines and these procedures? You have an obligation to do that,” Ames says.

Frankie Coleman’s blood-alcohol level tested .271; state law requires drivers with levels of at least .17 or higher to spend at least three days in jail. Coleman’s husband is a democratic candidate for Ohio governor.

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