Third German Village area home invaded

There has been another home invasion in the German Village area. For the third time in a month, masked men Tuesday morning broke into a home, tied up and then robbed its owner.

Police say the thieves crawled through an unlocked window in a home at the corner of Jaeger and Deshler Streets. The masked men, armed with a handgun, forced the homeowner to disrobe and bound him.

The men then stole items in the house and the man’s SUV – a 1999 Toyota Forerunner.

The robbery is very similar to German Village area home invasions that occurred on September 27th and October 10th.

Columbus police spokeswoman Betty Schwab says the nature of the German Village neighborhood make it easier for burglars to hide.

The houses are very close together. They have beautiful landscaping- lots of trees and bushes. It doesn’t get light until 7:30 and I’m sure you can hide around back, undetected, she said.

Police shifted the schedules of officers on the bicycle patrol, so they are in the neighborhood during the early morning.

Police ask German village residents to keep outside lights on and lock their doors and windows.

In each case, the home invaders entered through an open door or window.