Ohio Farmers Fear Fuel Costs

Facing the highest fuel prices in years, Ohio farmers are looking for ways to cut costs during this harvest season. But,at the Farm Science Review in Madison County, they described limited options as they move equipment and grain from the field to the elevator or storage bin.

As corn and soybean harvests get underway in Ohio, more farmers are being pinched by higher energy costs…not only diesel fuel to operate tractors and combines, but propane and natural gas too as they dry out the corn and beans after they’ve taken them off the field. Dale Arnold, Director of Energy Services at the Ohio Farm Bureau says more farmers are delaying corn harvest in hopes of saving money. Arnold also sees more interest in alternative and renewable sources of energy.

At the Farm Science Review, a display of wind turbines has drawn about ten onlookers for a mid-morning demonstration. Tom Warnomok of Miller City in northwest Ohio is considering wind turbines at his hog feeding operation as a way to cut his electricity bill.

Dale Arnold of the Farm Bureau estimates Ohio farmers spend 20 percent or more of their operational costs on fuel and other energy.