As gas prices climb, unfazed vacationers still travel

With the fourth of July weekend within sight, highways are filling with vacation bound vehicles loaded with kids and luggage.

After a slight respite from high gasoline prices in May and early June, prices have started to climb again. However travelers seem to be coping with increased cost.

Pumping gas at central Ohio pumps costs about 15 cents more a gallon than it did a few weeks ago

You don’t have to tell John Copeland that. He’s from Austin, Texas, traveling through Columbus on his way to West Virginia. He and his wife are traveling in a large motor home, with a thirsty engine that burns a lot of gas. I burn about $100 a day. The prices seem high all over, Copeland says.

Prices at stations have climbed as crude oil prices have climbed. Crude hit record highs of 60 dollars a barrel this week – a 38 percent increase since January.

Peter Lang of Minneapolis filled up his tank on his way to Chester, Pennsylvania. He blames the war in Iraq for the high prices. It seems like OPEC has been raising prices ever since we invaded Iraq, he says.

An American Automobile Association survey puts the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded in Columbus at $2.15. Last year that same gallon of gas cost $1.77.

Triple A spokesman Bill Pupura says both supply and demand for gasoline and political tensions in fuel producing countries have inflated crude oil prices.

Vacationers do not seem fazed by the higher prices. Triple A predicts the upcoming 4th of July weekend will be the busiest holiday travel weekend ever.