A possible woprk stoppage looms as talks between teachers and the Columbus Board of Education break down./

Talks between the Columbus Education Association and the Columbus School Board have broken down and the possibility of a work stoppage looms. C-E-A President Rhonda Johnson is calling on her union membership to “work to the rule.” One of the main points of contention is health care costs. Johnson criticized the Board for a deficit in the medical self insurance fund. Johnson says the real issue is discipline. Johnson says the school system needs an alternative discipline program for chronically disruptive students. She says the board and the administration have no plan to halt the numbers of students leaving the district. Johnson says recent publicity over failure to report possible criminal behavior by students has exaggerated the problems. C-E-A members have scheduled a rally June seventh at the Columbus Board of education. They are to meet at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium June eighth to decide on a work stoppage. Any strike would begin at the start of the school year next fall. Johnson says talks could resume during the summer.