Voters pass 9.7 mill levy for South-Western City Schools.

They say the third time is the charm..and that proved true for the South-Western City School district as voters finally approved a nine-point-seven mill levy. An emotional South-Western City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kirk Hamilton, savored the victory..celebrating with several hundred ecstatic supporters…who he praised for getting out the vote. A defeat of the levy would have meant 12 million dollars in additional cuts and the loss of 80 teaching positions and extracurricular activities. Grove City High School Athletic Director Tony Milano could hardly contain his excitement about the levy’s approval. Grove City High School Football Coach Scott McIntyre expressed elation and relief. For the first time in three levy drives…there was organized opposition. Choices for South-Western City Schools was organized by Larry Mitchell. He praised supporters of the opposition effort and pledged that his group was not going away. Mitchell’s group is aiming for a millage reduction issue on this November’s ballot. The nine-point-seven mill levy is expected to generate 22-point-nine million dollars a year and add 297 dollars in annual taxes for a 100-thousand dollar home. .