Mifflin Principal: I Acted Legally

The suspended principal of Mifflin High School who is being fired for the way she handled a sexual assault case says she is being treated unfairly.

Regina Crenshaw met with reporters for the first time Tuesday.

She’s under fire for not immediately calling police last month when a 16-year-old developmentally delayed student reported she was assaulted.

Regina Crenshaw, her attorney at her side, told reporters she is a wife, a mother and grandmother who wants to become a minister. They asserted that Crenshaw, is being treated unfairly for the way the reported sexual assault was handled.

On March 9th a 16-year old girl reported to a Mifflin teacher that at least two boys forced her to perform oral sex in the Columbus high school’s auditorium.

Mifflin High administrators are coming under fire for not calling police immediately. The call came from the girl’s father after he arrived at the school about 30 minutes after the incident.

Crenshaw’s attorney, Toki Clark maintains her client followed school district guidelines. She says Crenshaw left a voice mail for the police officer assigned to the school and contacted the districts civilian safety officer. Clark says her client did know there was an allegation of sexual assault until she met with the father and the principal did not call police because the girl’s father already had.

Clark and her client would not say why other school officials did not immediately call police. Nor would they answer questions about why Crenshaw left the school that night without talking with police.

Clark did allege that a top level school district administrator told Crenshaw after a serious fight a month before . to call the district civilian safety office when trouble occurs rather than the police department.

In the weeks after the incident, school administrators have come under fire – accused of trying to cover-up bad news that occurs in the schools.

The father of the victim claims he was told by a Mifflin administrator not to call 9-1-1 because the media could get wind of the story. Other administrators reportedly were told the same thing.

A request for an interview with Schools Superintendent Gene Harris went unanswered. In a written statement, Harris said, The bottom line is what happened should never have happened. There was an allegation of sexual assault and our investigation indicates the appropriate policies, procedures and laws were not followed. Meanwhile, the police and school investigations into the alleged assault continue.

Suspended principal Crenshaw is fighting her termination. Three assistant principals were suspended without pay.

Mike Thompson, WOSU news