A Dispute Over Voting Machines Heads to Court

A dispute over voting machine equipment in Franklin and several other counties is headed for court next week. At issue: whether local Boards of Election can determine which voting machines to use in balloting.

Depositions are being taken today in the civil suit between a handful of local boards of election and Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. Franklin County Elections Director Matthew Damschroder says the legal battle turns on who controls the purchase of voting equipment.

Damschroder says Cuyahoga, Ross, and Portage counties have joined Franklin County in the suit. Its scheduled to go to trial next Monday in Franklin County common pleas court. Regardless, of the outcome of the suit, Damschroder says punch card ballots have been eliminated for absentee and provisional balloting in next month’s primary balloting and he anticipates new technology for local voters in the fall.