Search continues for police slaying suspect

Columbus police continue a massive search for the man who Thursday fatally shot a special duty police officer during an attempted bank robbery.

Police suspect the man shot during an exchange of gunfire with the officer. Investigators were checking hospitals and clinics in Ohio to see if one treated the man.

A trail of blood believed to have been left by the gunman as he fled the area on foot was followed by police to a nearby apartment complex but a search turned up nothing.

The officer, Bryan Hurst, 33, who was working as a special duty guard at the bank, died in a hospital from a wound to the chest.

Franklin County Coroner Brad Lewis says the bullet struck him just above his bullet-proof vest.

Hurst, from Westerville, joined the police department in November 1996.

He had begun working 15 to 20 hours of special-duty jobs to help make ends meet for his wife and their 5-month-old daughter, Malia.