Small liberal arts colleges struggle to meet teacher license requirements

After educating generations of teachers, Denison University will no longer offer an education program that leads to a teaching license in the state of Ohio.

Denison leaders blame the move on increaslingly strict state regulations.

For decades, Denison graduates who completed an education major would immediately qualify to teach in Ohio’s public schools. Starting this fall, incoming students will not have that option.

Denison president Dale Knobel blames new state regulations, “We are the victims of the education accountability movement.”

State guidelines, enacted in 1998, require colleges and universities to offer certain courses for their students to achieve teacher licenses.

The curriculum requires minimim course work in the subject the student plans to teach as well as minimum course work in teaching methods courses.

Knobel says Denison, a liberal arts university with 2,000 students cannot meet the requirements and offer a well-rounded liberal arts education.

State Education officials say the regulations are needed to ensure public school teachers not only know the subject material but also know how to teach it.