2003 hail storm results in banner year for aluminum scrap

It’s been a banner 12 months for aluminum scrap companies, thanks to a 15-minute hail storm last April.

The storm across northern Franklin County damaged siding, gutters and roofs of thousands of homes in northern franklin county. All of that damaged siding and gutters is ending up in scrap yards.

Siding and gutter and crews started bringing in the scrap siding last summer. Many of the crews are back to finish up the remaining work.

The going rate for painted alluminum is 50 cents per pound. The price has remained fairly stable over the past year, it’s the volume that’s exploded.

Jacob Garrett, vice president of Joyce Iron and Metal in east Columbus, says he’s never seen anything like the past year. Garrett says before the hail storm, his company might take in 800 pounds of aluminum siding a day. At last summer’s peak, it was buying up to 20,000 pounds a day.