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Judge Suspended Without Pay After Conviction

By | October 21, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended a southwest Ohio juvenile judge without pay after she was found guilty last week of a single felony count.

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Driver Sentenced To 30 Months After Marine’s Death

By | October 21, 2014

An Ohio driver has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after a hit-and-run crash killed a U.S. Marine from Virginia.


Non-Compete Clauses For A Sub Shop?

By | October 21, 2014

Non-compete agreements are usually reserved for the media or executives who could divulge company secrets. But it’s been reported that Jimmy John’s, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in Central Ohio, makes all of its employees sign extensive non-competes.

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Fewer Younger Drivers On The Road

By | October 21, 2014

State figures show the number of people in Ohio ages 16 to 20 who obtained a driver’s license dropped 8.5 percent in the last decade.


LawmakersTo Feds: Step Up Ebola Response In Ohio

By | October 20, 2014

Ohio members of Congress are calling on the federal government to step up assistance to state health officials as it revises safety protocols to stem the spread of Ebola.


Ohio Panel Approves Funding For Ebola Protection

By | October 20, 2014

A legislative panel in Ohio has approved a funding request to help pay for more protective gear for health care workers if the state has a suspected or confirmed case of Ebola.


State: Ebola Monitoring Continues, Contacts Drop

By | October 20, 2014

The state says it’s continuing to monitor dozens of people who had contact with a nurse who tested positive for the Ebola virus.

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Group Targets Gov Kasich For ‘Privatization’ Efforts

By | October 20, 2014

A national anti-privatization group has targeted Republican incumbent Gov. John Kasich over his signature policy decision, his public-private entity that replaced the state Department of Development.

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Autistic Adults Receive Medical Care At Center Designed For Them

By | October 20, 2014

Adults with autism struggle to find medical professionals who understand their needs. And the demand will continue to grow. That’s why some in the Central Ohio health care community direct their expertise to helping autistic adults.


Judge Keeps 2 Libertarians From Ohio’s Fall Ballot

By | October 18, 2014

A federal judge has denied two disqualified Libertarian candidates access to Ohio’s fall ballot.