Frequently Asked Questions


I want to write the network. What is the address for PBS and NPR?

Check out NPR and PBS addresses, e-mail address, and phone numbers on our Contact WOSU page.

How do I get to WOSU Public Media?

WOSU Public Media is located in the Fawcett Center, 2400 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43201-1027, directly across from the Schottenstein Center. View our location on the Ohio State campus map or get detailed driving directions.

Where do I submit feedback about AirFare magazine?

We love to hear from our readers. Send your comments to Editor, AirFare, WOSU Public Media, 2400 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43201-1027. You can also e-mail comments to

How do I become a WOSU volunteer?

If you would like to become a WOSU volunteer, contact our volunteer coordinator at (614) 292-9678 or e-mail


How can I get a copy of a story I heard on WOSU's All Sides with Ann Fisher?

We keep All Sides episodes available for free on the All Sides with Ann Fisher archive page.

How can I get a Public Service Announcement on WOSU?

WOSU does not run public service announcements but does take information by mail, e-mail, or fax for consideration as a possible news story. Check out our address, e-mail address, and phone numbers on our Contact WOSU page.

Where can I purchase recordings heard on Classical 101 FM?

If your local record store does not have the CD you are looking for, WOSU recommends our online partner Public Radio MusicSource, Arkiv Music, who returns a percentage of the proceeds to WOSU.

What happened to WOSU 820 AM?

Effective December 9, 2011, WOSU Public Media no longer broadcasts its NPR and local news programming schedule on 820 AM. The station was sold as part of the WOSU’s move to the FM frequency. Learn more.

What is HD Radio?

WOSU was the first radio station in Columbus to “go digital” with 89.7 FM. This “HD” digital radio service provided through HD Radios provides crystal clear digital reception of 89.7 NPR News at HD-channel 1 and Classical 101 at HD-channel 2 in central Ohio.

WOSU has invested in digital transmitters for it regional stations in Marion, Mansfield, Coshocton and Portsmouth to provide HD Radio service including the all-classical service on HD Radio at channel 1 and NPR News at HD Channel 2.

Where Can I Listen to Classical 101?

  • If you live in Columbus, tune into 101.1 FM (Grove City/Columbus).
  • If you live in the northern part of the Columbus area or in Marion, tune into 91.1 FM.
  • If you live into Coshocton, tune into 91.1 FM,
  • If you live in Portsmouth, tune into 91.5 FM.
  • If you live in Mansfield, tune into 91.7 FM.

Additionally, Classical 101 can also be heard with an HD Radio in Columbus on 89.7 HD2. You can also listen to our audio streams online, or by using native applications on iPhone or Android devices.

How can I improve my reception of Classical 101?

  1. Try moving the radio to the side of the room or building closest pointing south toward Grove City, which is where the station’s tower is located.
  2. Use a dipole antenna, which you can purchase at electronic retails. Place in or near a window facing south toward Grove City.
  3. If that doesn’t work, try buying a powered indoor antenna. These are sold at various department and electronic stores.
  4. If that doesn’t work, you will need to try an external (outdoor) antenna in the attic or on the roof. This may help.

What are the best antennas to buy?

Learn more about different types of antennas: Antennas 101 (PDF).

After trying the tips above, what if I still can't get reception?

WOSU will be working with listeners on specific reception problems pertaining to Classical 101. Please contact us at 614.292.9678, or email us if you require further assistance.

Since AirFare magazine does not have all your music listed, how can I find out what is playing today on Classical 101 FM?

Classical 101 FM offers a playlist archive with current and past playlists. Select the date to view the playlist.

What are the minimum requirements to hear WOSU 101 and WOSU 89.7 online?

Minimum Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95 (Windows 98 or 2000 preferred). Apple Macintosh OS 8.1+ is also supported. Minimum connection speed: 28.8K dial-up modem (56K modem or faster device preferred).

Media Player: At least Microsoft Windows Media Player release version 6.4 (WMP 6.4) needs to be installed on your computer to listen to the audio stream.

This free software can be downloaded from Microsoft. (Please note that Media Player is included as a standard feature in Windows 98 and later.)

Media Player does not work on Apple Computers. To listen to streaming audio, download the MP3 stream to listen to WOSU through iTunes.

I failed when trying to download MS Windows Media Player. What advice can you offer?

During the download process you need to ensure that all the software code was downloaded into your computer without interruption during the download process. Include the step to run the execution program locally to activate the program and load the icon on the desktop if Windows does not do this automatically. Once your Media Player software is loaded in your computer, adjust the sound level. Also, ensure the sound is not muted. This is confirmed by clicking on the volume symbol (speaker icon) in the lower right part of your desktop screen to make sure the “mute” selection is not checked.

I listen to your programming online for 15 minutes, then the connection drops. I get the message “connection with server lost.” Why does this happen? Many ISPs automatically disconnect subscribers if no user activity is sensed by the ISP’s system after a defined period of time, such as 15-30 minutes. The ISP will reset the disconnect clock after receiving a request for any link.


Why do you change regular programming so much for fundraising?

WOSU TV is a public broadcasting station that relies on viewer support for more than 40 percent of the funding required to air the programs you enjoy. While we try to limit the interruptions to regular programming, we hope that our viewers will understand the need to do so and that they take the opportunity to invest in their public television station.

Where can viewers purchase copies of PBS programs?

Viewers can contact Play PBS at 1-800-752-9727 to purchase DVD copies of programs offered on WOSU TV, or you can visit For specific product offers, contact Audience Services at WOSU: 614-688-4355.

Where can viewers get copies of WOSU productions?

Viewers should call Voices productions at 1-800-7VOICES to purchase copies of programs produced by WOSU TV.

Why can't WOSU sell/give me a copy of PBS programs?

As a PBS member station, WOSU TV is granted broadcast rights for programs, but not the right to sell copies of programs. PBS holds the rights to duplicate programs/series for sale.

When will you know upcoming TV schedules?

Future programs schedules are finalized at least six weeks in advance. However, all schedules remain flexible and can be changed at any time. All TV listings also appear in WOSU Public Media member magazine, AirFare, and in your local and regional newspapers, as well as on the WOSU TV schedule page.

Why doesn't WOSU TV broadcast some programs when they are scheduled nationally by PBS?

PBS member stations determine their own broadcast schedules based on the needs of the communities they serve.

I saw an advertisement on TV about workshops that you offer. What are those?

You saw the spot for Ohio Ready to Learn workshops. They are a series of five workshops targeted to home-based child care providers for children ranging in age from birth to two.

The workshops focus on nurturing the young child with books, music, and age-appropriate activities, including the careful choice of segments from public television programs for children. The length of each workshop is one-and-a-half hours.

For schedules, call (614) 292-9678, extension 4-0775.

Why do my local newspaper's TV listings and TV Guide sometimes differ from what you have listed on the WOSU website?

In an attempt to remain current and responsive to the needs of our community, it is sometimes necessary to make changes to the WOSU TV broadcast schedule. For this reason, printed material and electronic TV listings can be dated. For the most up-to-date TV listings for WOSU, visit the WOSU TV schedule webpage.

Where do I need to aim my satellite dish to best pick up WOSU TV's signal?

Our TV tower is located in Westerville, about three miles north of downtown Westerville on SR 3.

How can I receive your over-the-air broadcast?

Just like regular TV, WOSU TV/DT can be received using an antenna. Depending on where you live, you will be able to use a set-top antenna. If you live in an area that experiences bad reception for regular television, you may need an outdoor rooftop or attic-mounted antenna. The only way to find out is to experiment. Digital signals can be quirky. Your neighbor may have a perfect signal, and yet you may receive no signal at all.

Since the conversion to all-digital broadcasting, some over-the-air viewers trying to watch WOSU TV’s three broadcast channels have had problems receiving our signal inside buildings, or even receiving the signal at all. WOSU has solved some of those problems; it has more than doubled our broadcast power (from 250kW up to 503kW!). Tower work is complete and all service is restored to 100 percent. If you are still not able to get our signal, you may need to rescan for channels on your converter boxes.

Does my cable company carry WOSU TV?

WOSU has negotiated with Central Ohio area cable companies to carry digital carriage. Several options may serve your needs:

  1. A digital upgrade supplying a special set-top box allowing you to receive all WOSUTV/DT standard-definition programs
  2. A special HDTV Digital set-top box possessing an output connection for a HDTV set, allowing you to see high-definition and multicast programming from WOSUTV/DT without an antenna.

Do I need special equipment to watch WOSU in HD?

WOSU HD is only available to digital cable customers with high-definition-ready televisions who are equipped with a high-definition set-top cable box. In addition, those with high-definition televisions and digital receivers capable of watching WOSUHD over-the-air on channel 34 can receive WOSU HD.

Existing digital cable customers with HD-ready televisions can exchange their current set-top box for the high-definition model. Contact your digital cable provider for more information.


What do we get for our membership?

When you join or renew your membership for $60 or more, you’ll receive the WOSU MemberCard and a year’s subscription to Newsweek magazine. Your MemberCard provides great savings at more than 200 community-minded restaurants, arts events and attractions in our viewing and listening area.

Check the MemberCard website for a listing of participating establishments.

Please note that MemberCard offers may vary throughout the year. To increase the value of your MemberCard, benefits are added and substituted on a regular basis. Should any problems arise or if you know of a restaurant that wishes to participate in the MemberCard program, please call 1-800-423-7645.

My thank-you gift hasn't arrived, who should I contact?

The mailing of our thank-you gifts generally takes four to six weeks from the conclusion of the pledge drive. If you want to check on the status of your gift, please email us at or call (614) 292-9678 ext 49747.

Human Resources

I'm interested in a job at WOSU. What should I do?

Check out our jobs page. We list all job openings there. We provide instructions as well in how to apply for any such opening listed.