The Role of Media in Health

The Role of Media in Health(Photo: Frank W. Baker)

How alcohol/tobacco/food ads etc. are aimed toward youth.

OBJECTIVES (from Frank Baker’s web site)
Teachers, this activity is perfect for language arts, health and media literacy.

First, students analyze advertising found in magazines for cigarettes. In most cases, your students probably never paid any attention to these ads before. This activity is designed to introduce these ads as unique, persuasive messages, some of which are aimed directly at them, via the magazines they read!

During this activity, students will be instructed to look deeper, into what we call “sub-text,” to identify what else might be said in the ad, (i.e. smoking is cool, relaxing, etc) and what is NOT said (i.e. smoking causes cancer, bad breath, yellow teeth, etc).

(Media Literacy consists of excerpts from Frank W. Baker’s keynote presentation at a Media Literacy Institute on September 17, 2008 at WOSU@COSI.)