Ohio Ready To Learn

2014-2015 Ohio Ready to Learn Workshops

Phase One

Someone is thinking! Learning!—Centers that invite Exploration

A child’s reasoning and thinking skills can be developed by providing a wide variety of materials for exploration and by coaching the child to understand the difference between thinking and knowing.  This workshop will provide ideas for activity centers and the teaching strategies that promote critical thinking.

Phase Two

Whole Child = Many Parts—Understanding Child Growth and Development

A review of basic child development, this workshop explores all the domains while appreciating the uniqueness of a child as a whole person.  Developmental milestones, age appropriate behavior, and predictable patterns of growth are also explored with the Approaches to Learning section of Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.

Phase Three

Just Like a One-Room School House—Activities for Multi-Agers

Lesson planning in a family childcare home has some interesting challenges.  Children vary significantly in stages of development and interest. This workshop will demonstrate methods to scaffold learning activities to appeal to multi-age children while valuing the fact that there are times for learning together, and times for learning separately.


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To register and create your OPDN profile, go towww.OPDN.org.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call OPDN Help Line: (614) 396-5959, ext. 319 or WOSU Public Media, (614) 292-9678 and ask for the Ready To Learn Coordinator.

Brush program logo

Brush! is a project to improve the dental health awareness of young children, their teachers and their families. In Ohio, it is a collaborative project of CET/Cincinnati, ThinkTV/Dayton and WOSU.

The Need
Around the nation, tooth decay is the largest unmet health need in children, according to a 2012 report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. In Ohio, 2011 figures from the Ohio Department of Health bear out the large scale of the problem:

  • 51 percent of children have experienced tooth decay by third grade.
  • More than 25 percent of low-income children have untreated cavities and toothaches.
  • Nearly 340,000 children have never been to the dentist.

Our Strategy
Improving dental health awareness for teachers, parents and young children helps address the problem of poor oral health. This project works on building awareness by:

  • Teaching prevention strategies to help reduce decay.
  • Promoting taking children to the dentist starting at an early age, especially by reducing fear of a dental visit.
  • Making teachers and parents aware of local dental providers who will care for young children, especially from low-income families.