How a Bill Becomes Law

John Husted(Photo: WOSU)

John A. Husted – 99th Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives – answers the question: How a Bill Becomes Law ?

  • Legislation is Introduced – Any member can introduce a piece of legislation
  • Committee Action – The bill is referred to the appropriate committee by the Speaker of the House or the presiding officer in the Senate.
    Committee Steps:

    Comments about the bill’s merit are requested by government agencies.
    Bill can be assigned to subcommittee by Chairman.
    Hearings may be held.
    Subcommittees report their findings to the full committee.
    Finally there is a vote by the full committee – the bill is “ordered to be reported.”

  • Floor Action:
    Legislation is placed on the Calendar
  • Conference Committee Members from each house form a conference committee and meet to work out the differences.
  • The bill is sent to the Governor for review.