Media Literacy

Media Literacy consists of excerpts from Frank W. Bakers keynote presentation at a Media Literacy Institute on September 17, 2008 at WOSU@COSI. The topics include (1) media literacy defined; (2) the core principles of media literacy; (3) applying critical thinking; (4) advertising; (5) deconstructing video text; (6) visual literacy; (7) the role of media in politics; and (8) the role of media in health.

Videos in This Series

Media Literacy – Advertising

Identify and criticize the persuasive techniques in advertising. Turn passive viewers into active listeners

Deconstructing Video Text

Analyzing video and audio to see what’s shown, and what’s not

Visual Literacy

Understanding the language of photos. What’s the story behind the image?

The Role of Media in Politics

How does media portray politicians and issues? What techniques are used to persuade? The image is more powerful than the words.

The Role of Media in Health

How alcohol/tobacco/food ads etc. are aimed toward youth