My Cool Job is designed for middle-schoolers and early high school students, to give them a taste of the real world after graduation, to show the pluses and minuses of real jobs.

15 full-time professionals share stories about their professional lives in an effort to demonstrate that career paths are never a straight line. Each voice allows students to meet and get honest advice from people who love what they do for a living, and find out why.

Videos in This Series

What is a Manufacturing Engineer?

My advice for people wanting to enter this field is to focus on their math and communication skills, both writing and speaking.

What is an Industrial Engineer?

My typical work day has a nice balance of engineering work done behind a computer, where I will study a particular problem, with frequent trips to the manufacturing floor to go to the actual spot to determine the actual problem.

What is a Materials Engineer?

For engineering in general, you have to find some confidence within yourself in order to make a decision and see it through. Problem solving is especially important

What is a Graphic Designer?

My job is to use words and pictures to communicate ideas and information. It might take the form of a website or a printed brochure, a sign or a CD package, or the instructions for using laundry detergent.

What is a Musician?

I get to listen to or play music every day. That’s the totally coolest thing.

What is an Illustrator?

My official title is “Illustrator/Designer”, which means I supply illustrations and design-work to those individuals or businesses in need of it.

What is an Editor?

Essentially, I make sure that every word in the magazine is in its proper place.

What is a Webmaster?

I plan and build web sites. That means meeting with people to understand what they want the website to do and what information it should include. It also means spending a lot of time in front of a computer writing pages in html, writing and preparing content, and working with images and graphics.

What is a Systems Analyst?

I love being the person that everyone goes to when they have a problem with their computer, knowing that I can fix it.

What is a Computer Animator?

I create moving and/or still imagery with the help of a computer. Most people call it computer animation or computer graphics.