Dances for Television

Dances for Television is a series of three dance vignettes exploring the relationships between ourselves, our environments, and our communities.

The dances are unique creations for the camera dance forms that cannot be performed on stage because the video shots and editing are part of the choreography. The series captures the dancing that’s happening all around us in our lives, provoking the notion that we are all dancers whether we are an elder, a young child in school, or a ballerina.

Videos in This Series

I Am, Dancer, Columbus, Ohio

A flurry of images reveals unseen connections in a Middle American city and the surprising ease of communication through dance.

Nearing (Dance for Video)

Danced by Vera J. Blaine and featuring motion capture animation art by the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), Nearing is a unique videodance experience.

The Rhythm of Things

Urban and natural, street and meadow, hip hop and ballet collide in the body of a young dancer (Justin Bellamy) on an early morning walk through a suburban marsh.