Climate and Ice

Glacial records can many types of information
September 10, 2011

Part I begins with a video that explains the difference between weather and climate, describes glacier formation, and identifies the types of information that can be found in the glacial record. Watch the video and download teacher’s guide.

Recovering Ice Cores

Recovering Ice Cores still image
Recovering Ice Cores
September 2, 2011

How scientists look at samples of ice to determine past climates/atmospheric conditions. Watch the video and download teacher’s guide.

Calendar in Ice

Calendars in Ice still frame
Calendar in Ice
September 1, 2011

The ways tree rings and glaciers reveal past events and record time. Watch the video and download teacher’s guide.

The Bakery Shop

The Bakery Shop Logo
The Bakery Shop
1, 2011

Streams of hungry customers arrive at a bakery with a specific craving. Ingredients, cooks, and ovens must be carefully managed to produce the right food at the right time to keep customers happy. The goods produced by the bakery share similar ingredients, so choice is important and is always a trade-off between recipes.

Teaching Bio-Ethics Through Dramatic Inquiry

Dramatic inquiry process makes students understand the entire decision-making process from multiple perspectives
August 18, 2011

Subject: the ethics of transplants

Dramatic Inquiry – Teaching Language Arts Through ‘MacBeth’

Students built a shared imaginary space
August 18, 2011

Essential question is introduced: When is killing right or wrong?

Dramatic Inquiry – Illustration

Students share the connections between their own experiences and the text
August 18, 2011

Knowledge is gained when the students reflect upon the role-playing

Dramatic Inquiry – The Inquiry Phase

Students explore the material while they are in character
August 18, 2011

In its simplest form, inquiry might mean a student explains a new insight

Dramatic Inquiry – Introduction

Classroom w/children
Dramatic inquiry is dynamic, hands-on, and interactive
August 18, 2011

Dramatic inquiry explores many characters, and how they interact, how themes emerge from the interaction