Batelle Studio


Sandy and Andy Ross Media Lab at COSI

Sandy and Andy Ross MediaLab at COSI (click image to see full-sized)

Explore digital media with WOSU’s U-TV, and have fun with the In the Know touch screen kiosk. WOSU’s exhibit space is always free to the public and makes an interactive and fun choice for your next party.

You can also rent the Sandy and Andy Ross MediaLab with 10 mutli-platform computers and a SMART Board to explore online technology in an intimate, friendly environment.

From 400 sq. ft. to 3,200 sq. ft., WOSU@COSI has one of the largest production studio spaces combined with the latest in HD production technology available in central Ohio. Guests have access to the control room, audio room and camera shading suite, green room, and the large conference room overlooking the studio.

WOSU at Fawcett Center has studio space from 240 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft., control room, and editing suites. Both locations have access to VYVX and satellite.

Audio Studio at the Fawcett Center

Audio Studio at the Fawcett Center (click image to see full-sized)

For audio needs, WOSU has two radio studios with a master control that can accommodate small groups.