Will Senate Bill 5 Survive The Referendum?

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss Senate Bill 5, the hotly-disputed bill that effects collective bargaining. While a referendum vote looks like a certainty, backers of the measure have tried and failed to subdivide the bill for the upcoming election in an effort to keep parts of it.

Also this week: Senate Bill 5 is causing public unions to make more concessions; the Ohio Senate quickly puts the breaks on a photo-id bill; the budget wrangling continues; and Ken Blackwell chooses not to run for senate.


  • Bill Cohen (Ohio Public Radio)
  • Darrel Rowland (The Columbus Dispatch)
  • Bob Clegg (Republican Strategist)
  • Janetta King (Innovation Ohio)

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Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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The Fall Ballot and Senate Bill 5

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Senate Bill 5 is Causing Unions to Make Concessions

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The Ohio Budget Wrangling Continues

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The Ohio Senate Halts A Photo-ID Bill, For Now

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Ken Blackwell won't run for Ohio Senate in 2012

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