Wednesday Round up – Voter ID and Bestiality Ban

Senate Bill 5′s Early Impact

The law to limit public employee collective bargaining rights is on hold and may not even go into effect pending an expected November vote, but senate bill 5 is already influencing government workers.  WOSU’s Tom Borgerding reports unions are settling quickly and making concessions. They fear their position will be worse if voters uphold the law.

Photo-ID for Voters, Never Mind

That was fast… The Ohio Senate has now removed the voter photo-id provision from an elections reform bill .   A senate committee sneaked the provision into an elections bill yesterday. It even caught the state’s chief elections officer, Secretary of State Jon Husted by surprise. Republicans say the measure will prevent voter fraud.  Democrats say, “What fraud?”, and claim the measure amounts to voter suppression.

Lawmakers Look to Ban Bestiality

Proving that job creation, balancing the state budget and reforming government is not the only things on lawmakers’ minds. The Mansfield News Journal reports a case in Shelby has prompted Rep. Jay Goyal, (D) Mansfield,  to start drafting legislation banning bestiality.  Ohio is behind the curve on this one.  Thirty states already ban it.



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