Tuesday Morning Round-Up – Sears HQ to Ohio?



Sears Holdings HQ in suburban Chicago.

Report: Sears Shopping HQ to Ohio, other states.

Weeks ago Governor John Kasich hinted his administration was trying to poach jobs from other states.  Reports in The Washington Post and Dayton Business Journal make you wonder if he was talking about “stealing” Sears from Illinois.   The reports say Sears’s tax breaks from Illinois are about to expire and it’s shopping is headquarters and 6,000 employees to other states, including Ohio.

Ohio BMV : Players Were Not Dealin’

Well, if they were dealin’ they weren’t doing anything wrong, so says the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  The BMV says its investigation of Ohio State football players’ car purchases found no evidence players received improper deals.

Tuition, Homeowners Insurance Rates Heading Up

If you or your kid goes to Ohio State University, prepare to budget 3.3% more for tuition next year.  The Dispatch reports room and board will rise 5.7%.  Also all that nasty weather in May resulted in a lot of insurance claims – the third highest month ever.  That likely means higher rates for all of us.  The Dispatch reports 2008 storms led to a 10% increase in rates in 2009.











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