Tues. Rundown – Terrelle “Sorry”; Scotts Seeks New Biz Buzz

Good Tuesday to you.

Casino Deal – Details Please

We’re still waiting for the details of the deal John Kasich struck with the developer of the Cleveland and Cincinnati casinos.  Word is they will be released tomorrow (Wed.). The Dispatch reports the casinos still stand to make a bunch of money.

Dude, Pass the Fertilizer

Scott’s may have to tweak its Ortho brand Weed-B-Gone.  Apparently the Marysville-based fertilizer manufacturer sees some money in growing, not killing,  at least one type of weed – medical marijuana.  The Wall Street Journal reports Scott’s is looking at  medical marijuana as a growth industry. We’re trying to come up with clever brands for medical pot fertilizer.

Pryor:  “I’m Sorry”

Terrelle Pryor, sans his diamond earrings, spoke to the media this afternoon from Miami, the home of his new agent Drew Rosenhaus.  Pryor apologized to Ohio State fans and former coach Jim Tressel, whom Pryor said was a father figure for him.   Pryor has applied to participate in the NFL’s supplemental draft, and Rosenhaus says the league has not seen a quarterback with Pryor’s athletic ability. They did not take any questions.



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