The Senate Bill Five TV Ad Wars

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss the Issue 2 (SB5) ad wars, which features a grandmother who got included in a supporters’ commercial.

Other topics: The price of keeping Ohio businesses in Ohio;  A new twist in the Heartbeat Bill; and Occupy Columbus merges with Occupy Wall Street.


  • Bill Cohen (Ohio Public Radio)
  • Reginald Fields (The Plain Dealer)
  • Joseph Mas (Ohio Hispanic Coalition)
  • Mary Anne Sharkey (Public Affairs Consultant)

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Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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A Grandmother and the SB5 Ad Campaign

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The price of keeping Ohio businesses in Ohio

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A New Twist in the Ohio Heartbeat Bill

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Occupy Columbus Merges With Occupy Wall Street

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Panelists Offer Their Final Thoughts (10/14/11)

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