One Ohio Casino Deal is Finalized With Slots

This week Columbus on the Record panelists discuss the casino agreement, which includes legalized racetrack slot machines and a bigger slice of the profit pie for Ohio.

The Office of the Governor and Rock Ohio Caesars, LLC (ROC) agreed in principle to:

  • $110 million in additional payments to the state over the next 10 years by ROC
  • ROC would pay Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax on wagers minus payouts, instead of on wagers only
  • $350 million to the state in video lottery terminal (VLT) license fees, plus 33.5 percent of all VLT sales revenue

Also this week: Lawmakers continue to negotiate the final state budget package; Democrats propose an Ohio stimulus plan; new legislation eases restrictions about having guns in bars; and how Ohio views GOP presidential candidates.


  • Joe Hallet – (The Columbus Dispatch)
  • Julie Carr Smyth (Associated Press)
  • Joe Mas (Ohio Hispanic Coalition)
  • Bill Todd (Columbus Attorney)

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One Ohio Casino Deal is Finalized

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Ohio Lawmakers Approve Guns in Bars

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A Stimulus For Ohio Jobs?

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