The Issue Two Race Tightens; Follow the Nationwide Area $$ Closely

This week, WOSU Public Media’s “Columbus on the Record” panelists discuss polling numbers, which show that Issue 2 (the repeal of Ohio Senate Bill 5) is winning, but is losing support. Also John Kasich‘s numbers are up a little, but still carries a negative 40 – 49 percent overall job approval.

Other topics: is the new Nationwide Arena deal a guarantee Jackets will stay when their current lease is supposed to keep them here? early polling results for the Presidential and the Sherrod Brown – Josh Mandel race; and fixing Ohio’s redistricting process – in ten years.


  • Jim Siegel (The Columbus Dispatch)
  • Laura Bischoff (Dayton Daily News)
  • Michael Daniels (Outlook Media)
  • Mark Weaver (Republican Strategist)

Read More:

  • Repeal effort for SB 5 still leads, but support for Issue 2 grows (Quinnipiac Poll)
  • Current lease would keep the Blue Jackets in Columbus  (WOSU)
  • A public purchase of Nationwide Arena isn’t about hockey; it’s about economic development (The Columbus Dispatch)
  • Poll results on President Obama and the GOP primary (Quinnipiac Poll)
  • Jon Husted wants bipartisan panel to draw Ohio redistricting lines (ONN)

Segments On This Episode (on YouTube)

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The SB5 Repeal Race Tightens

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Polls Numbers Are Sour For Kasich, Obama

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Fixing Ohio’s Redistricting Process - In Ten Years

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An Analysis of the New Nationwide Arena Deal

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Panelists Offer Their Final Thoughts (9/30/11)

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